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Artificial Intelligence and the legal system

1. Introduction

The consistent development of technology around the globe increased its use and its application in several aspects of the functioning of the legal system. One of them that has a huge impact on the legal system is artificial intelligence, its involvement in the crime scene investigation and the adjudication process has a tremendous formation that we are discussing.

2. Functioning of Artificial Intelligence

The use of AI like any other technology has its advantages and disadvantages, in the positive aspects it's less time-consuming, effective, and efficient along with making the task done with complete perfection but in the negative aspect it becomes a hindrance and curtains employment of most individuals.

The NITI Aayog in its announcement named ‘National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence’, has completely examined the challenges, emphasized regions, and accepted the growth of Artificial intelligence. It has been asserted therein that interests in the secrecy of data, a deformed Intellectual Property administration, deep emphasis on AI study, and a deep understanding of approving AI in industry procedures, will be some of the important limitations in the profitable deployment of AI in the country.

3. Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the legal system

The use or the impact of artificial intelligence in the legal system is very less as there is about to only 4 percent of lawyers are there who are using AI for their work to make it function according to the procedure. Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas is the first law firm in India that adopts AI to analyse and improvised contractual documents.

The consequence of AI on the legal domain and its resulting viability has aptly existed interpreted by retired Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra while lecturing a seminar. He explained,

"...the destiny of any new-age technology fabricates in the restrictions that regulate them. Artificial Intelligence (AI) pledges an elevated development ability in a quantity of sectors… AI wants a powerful valid receptacle around it to examine ultimate advantages. AI today is accumulating multifold and we however do not understand all the goals or pitfalls…India remembers the straight ability and specialized reserves. With an influential formal command, the nation can set several landmarks with a powerful strength over AI…But India nowadays does not have particular restrictions that regulate AI…"

Justice DY Chandrachud has furthermore talked on comparable lines, In an interview, he explained,

"The impression of Artificial Intelligence is not to displace the human teacher or the mortal mind or the existence of justices but to furnish a conducive equipment to justices to reassess the procedures which they attend, to reassess the endeavour which they do and to assure that their consequence is additional reliable and compatible and eventually furnish broader admission to umpire to the civil inhabitants."

Nonetheless, in formulating nations like India, the method of AI may not be regularized because of hesitation to modify to this modern difference. There is furthermore a suspicion that AI may result in severe ramifications in a labour abundance economizing like India, with plurality of civilization being uneducated and deprivation stricken.


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